How employees steal from a dental practice.

This post discusses the schemes used by employees to steal from a dental practice. The schemes are not specific to dentistry and are used to steal from every profession and business.

I have uncovered these schemes many time since 2004. From that, I can say that most dental embezzlement is perpetrated using a handful of common schemes.

These schemes are not embezzlement “trade secrets” either.

All of them can found online and in the news. Visit this link to read hundreds of news articles about dental embezzlers and the schemes they used -> Busted! (Arrests, Warrants and Felons)

You don’t need advanced match skills to steal from a dental practice.
You just need to be dishonest.

Busting Myths about Dental Embezzlement

One of the most common myths held by practice owners is that employees can only steal cash.

This myth is supported by a false belief in that checks, credit cards, and other forms of payment are “safe”.

This is false. When a dishonest employee has decided to steal from the practice, anything of “value” can be targeted.

The most common thefts include:

  • insurance payments (checks, virtual cards)
  • patient payments (cash, checks, credit cards)
  • supplier rebates
  • submitting fraudulent claims
  • refunds to patients and insurance
  • payroll padding
  • credit card abuse
  • check fraud

Add these to this list of stolen items:

  • dental supplies (steal and sell)
  • office supplies
  • prescriptions / medications (anxiolytics, opiates)
  • Yes – even Amazon orders – Click here to see why.
  • Visa or other gift cards – the office manager ordered $30K in gift cards in one year. She kept $25K of the gift cards for herself and gave $5K to patients.

..and some dishonest employees keep on stealing long after they are gone .

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