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3 out of every 5 dentists end up being embezzled.
We can do better!

Course Outline

5-Minute Dental FraudBusters


Bill will share secrets from his decades of experience. Hear and Learn:
• “Hiltz’s Axioms” – important guideposts for you to follow
• Easy to do “5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
• What are the most common embezzlement schemes?
• How to understand and diagnose embezzlement Red Flags
• and more!

You probably have heard the statistics, and they are not good. 

The American Dental Association reported in their “2018 CDP Survey on Employee Theft in the Dental Practice” that 49% of dentists are embezzled and 46% are embezzled more than once.

In my experience, that number is higher due to under-reporting. Most experts agree that at least 60% of dentists are embezzled during their career.

PART 1: “A Typical Case of Dental Embezzlement”

“While every embezzlement case is unique to the practice and victim; the majority of dental embezzlement cases are strikingly alike in important ways.”

Bill Hiltz – Presenter

Participants will be taken on a guided tour of a “typical dental embezzlement case”.

Drawing upon his experience and case files, Bill will describe the most common embezzlement schemes; how they were perpetrated and more importantly, the warning signs that were missed.

The typical dental embezzler is a first time offenders who usually has worked at the practice for few years until they have earned the trust of their employer and become familiar with the way things work. Many are surprised when discover how easy it is to steal from the practice.

Participants will learn why some schemes can go undetected for years and result in staggering losses.

PART 2: The Warning Signs of Employee Dishonesty

Red flags are warning signs that something may be wrong. They are intended to identify or draw attention to an issue that needs to be looked at.

Employees who steal from their employer often than not will display behavioral traits associated with their fraudulent conduct.

In 92% of embezzlement cases the employee exhibited at least one behavioral red flag, and in 57% of cases multiple red flags were present.

Recognizing and understanding behavioral red flags will help practice owners dramatically improve their chances of detecting fraud early and minimizing their loss.

Participants will be provided with a red-flag questionnaire for self-assessment, and checklist of important things they should and should not do when confronted by the possibility of employee embezzlement.

About the Presenter

William Hiltz is the CEO of Hiltz and Associates and the creator of Dental FraudBusters!

Bill is a pioneer in the forensic investigation of frauds committed against dentists and has a proven track record uncovering theft in dental offices and resolving complex business matters.

Bill has investigated and resolved countless frauds committed against dentists and also provides expert witness/litigation support services for dentists involved in civil disputes.

Bill earned his BSc and MBA degrees from Dalhousie University and holds professional designations in applied information and engineering technologies.

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