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Learn how to check a job applicant’s resume like a detective.

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Did you know that over half of job applicants lie on their resume?

From small “white-lies” to “big fat lies” to hide a criminal past.

Job Applicants can:
Fake past employment
Provide false references
Omit unfavorable work history
Supply false credentials
..and more.

Keep applicants with a checkered past out of your dental practice! My guide will show you how to diligently check applicants resumes and work histories.

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The first email will have my Dental Office Code of Business Conduct which you can adapt for use in your own practice. (plus, I’ll send you a list of the Top 6 Embezzlement Red Flags found in 85% of embezzlement cases)

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Check your practice for 25+ Red Flags.
100% anonymous.

It’s a fact. Dentistry is one of the most embezzled and litigated professions.

We can do better, and that’s why Dental FraudBusters was created.

William Hiltz BSc MBA CET
CEO – Hiltz & Associates
Curator – Dental FraudBusters