Remote access SOFTWARE could leave you vulnerable.

Remote Access” software allows you or others to connect to your computer from a remote location over an Internet connection, and access to everything on your computer as though you were directly connected to it.

Names like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer are names synonymous with these applications.

Remote desktop access is awesome when you need to access your office computer from home.

And, it is a lifesaver for IT vendors when supporting their products and services from a remote location. 

Sometimes, a well-intended employee will install remote access software without the practice owner’s consent or knowledge. ( dishonest employees also can use remote software to access the practice after hours )

However, more often than you may think, remote access software is installed for a legitimate purpose and then ‘forgotten about’ and is unintentionally left active long after the connection is no longer needed. .

Recently, I discovered a dental server where the previous IT company had installed TeamViewer for remote support, but that IT company had long gone out of business. The TeamViewer software was still active and listening for a connection.

– Bill Hiltz

Check your computers!

Dentists and Practice Owners; check all of the computers (and servers) in your office to determine which have remote access software installed.

If you cannot do this yourself, then ask your IT company for help.

Make a list of every remote access connection discovered and determine if it is required for a legitimate purpose. If the connection is no longer needed; disable it.

If the remote access connection is not recognized or appears unauthorized; then investigate. (You can call me for assistance if you need help with the digital forensics required to investigate.)

Check for unused or unauthorized remote desktop software:

  • at least once a year
  • every time an administrative employee is hired, or fired
  • whenever you switch to another:
    • IT company
    • Dental software company
    • Remote consulting or remote billing service
    • Bookkeeper

Common Remote Desktop Software

There are dozens of remote access software programs – many are free. For a list of remote access applications, click the image below to visit Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of remote desktop software.

William Hiltz BSc MBA CET

Bill Hiltz is the CEO of
Hiltz & Associates
and the creator of
Dental FraudBusters.