A serial dental embezzler is someone with a previous history of stealing from one or more practices.

Serial embezzlers are like acute trauma for a dental practice.

Quick facts about Serial Embezzlers:

  • they usually appear as polished, knowledgeable and “hire-able” during a job interview.
  • they plan to steal from the practice the moment you hire them. (it’s not their first rodeo)
  • they will ingratiate themselves into your life, for their own benefit.
  • to conceal their crime, they will adulterate and destroy business records.
  • serial embezzlers often try to compromise the employer’s ethics -> Read about Joe
  • they steal with acute onset and larger dollar amounts.
  • when they suspect that “you are on to them” – serial embezzlers will not show up to work or bolt out the door without any warning.
Serial dental embezzlers often appear as “ideal” candidates when hiring.

Here are a just a few of the serial embezzlers I’ve encountered:

Xave Hunter’s Mug Shot Gallery

How to avoid hiring a serial embezzler in your dental practice.

It’s a Fact: every serial embezzler has a checkered past which forces them to lie and leave out information regarding their work history when applying for a job.

Accordingly, you can uncover a job applicant’s lies and omissions by conducting proper pre-employment reference checks.

I’ve put together a free checklist you can use to check a job applicant’s references and work history like a detective.

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