Digital forensics and data analytics are powerful tools for litigation support.

This post is for dentists and their attorneys.

When dentists are contemplating or faced with litigation, Hiltz and Associates can provide critical and insightful expertise.

Hiltz and Associates can quickly and confidentially assess complex situations, identify and evaluate evidence, investigate events, and prepare reports that can withstand the scrutiny of regulators, courts, and other stakeholders.

William Hiltz is the lead expert in matters involving fraud, unethical business conduct, embezzlement, digital forensics and data analysis.

Recent Comments

“Bill, case settled.  No trial; no deposition. You did a great job! Thanks for your help.”
Litigation Attorney

“Bill, I cannot thank you enough for all your help with this case. I will certainly recommend you to anybody I know who needs your services and feel free to have as many people as you want to contact me as a reference. I will sing your praises. Thanks again and I look forward to….(redacted)
Dentist (litigant)