Dental embezzlement will spike for the at least the next 6 months.

That’s a sobering thought; considering that before the pandemic, embezzlement was already big problem for dentists. In fact, the most recent ADA survey showed that HALF of dentists reported embezzlement

Back in March, I made a post titled “An embezzler’s response to COVID-19“.

In that post, I advised dentists and practice owners to expect an increase in employee embezzlement during and after the pandemic, and also provided guidance on what they should do if they suspect employee dishonesty.

Some readers followed that advice, and took the proper steps to uncover employee theft in their practices.

Today, I read an article, written by a Los Angeles attorney who also predicts an increase in embezzlement resulting from the pandemic..

His name is Brett Watson, and he also discusses the limitations of making a forged check claim against your bank.

Readers of my blog will know that this has been a topic I have often raised before. Brett’s article is posted below for your consideration.

“In times of economic crisis, there is invariably an uptick in financial fraud as desperation sinks in and people act on poorly considered impulses. While cases of employee embezzlement have always existed, the next six months to a year will likely see a sharp rise in these claims.

Brett Watson – Attorney

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