May 2024

A dentist in Washington accused of multiple sanitation and infection control violations, like soaking equipment in paint thinner and wearing dirty gloves during treatment, has been suspended, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

Dr. Sandy Fletcher Montano must complete a mental and physical exam before he can be reinstated, according to a press release dated May 20 from the health department.

The Washington Dental Quality Assurance Commission indefinitely suspended Montano following a complaint filed in November 2021 alleging patient safety and infection control violations while he operated Deer Park Dental in Deer Park, WA, according to a statement of allegations.

Montano was accused of soaking dental isolation suction systems in a mixture of paint thinner and a household detergent, not maintaining clean dental unit water lines, mixing a topical gel with noningestible lidocaine, and mixing powdered charcoal and pumice with toothpaste, according to the allegations.

Also, Montano allegedly didn’t wear gloves or wore dirty or damaged gloves during patient treatment and pulled used dental x-ray barriers, suction devices, and towels from the trash and returned them to an area with items that had not been used yet, according to the statement. Furthermore, Montano reportedly employed an unlicensed person to work as a dental assistant.

To investigate these allegations, a state health investigator attempted to inspect the practice in December 2021, but Montano purportedly refused to allow the inspection to occur, according to the state.

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