“theft of cash is common and still alive in today’s cashless society. Many dental practices still collect of cash. Often 1% to 5% of revenue or more – Bill”

Updated: Apr 4, 2017 – 4:48 PM

COLLIERVILLE, TN – Tina C. Day, a longtime bookkeeper for a Collierville dentist, was indicted Tuesday on felony theft charges.

An investigation showed that the 44-year-old had systematically stolen thousands of dollars in payments from patients.

Day was indicted for theft of property over $60,000 in an alleged scheme between August of 2006 and April of 2010.

She is free on $30,000 bond according to Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich.

The investigation showed that the bookkeeper would offer 10% discounts if patients paid their bills in cash, but that she would then record the payments as credit card transactions.

An audit showed that Day collected more than $77,000 from 93 cash payments from 2006 to 2010.

that’s $1600 each month for 48 months – Bill

There was no record of the money being deposited into the Dr. Stephen Thompson’s business account.

The dentist became suspicious in April 2010 when another employee said she saw Day counting a large sum of money that was given to Day by a patient.

The dentist, who accepts cash, checks and credit cards, investigated and found no record of the transaction. The office keeps a cash box and the key apparently was kept by Day, the complaint said.

“I retrieved the key and discovered that there was a receipt book in the cash box,” Thompson said. “My office does not use handwritten receipts. All transactions are to be entered through the computer and then a receipt is printed.”

The last handwritten receipt in the box was for a payment of $895 made by a patient on April 5, 2010.

The patient said Day offered a discount if the patient paid in cash, so she counted out a total of $795 to Day.

There was no record of the payment on the computer or in the bank, Thompson said.

When confronted, Day became angry and wrote a check to Thompson for $600.

If you think I stole the money then here is a check for $600,Thompson said Day told him as she handed him the check.

The dentist turned the uncashed check over to the Collierville Police Department. :-)

Thompson conducted an internal audit, interviewing patients, and found that between Aug. 6, 2006, and April 5, 2010, Day accepted 93 cash payments totaling $77,485.

Source: Collierville dentist bookkeeper indicted on theft charges | FOX13

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