Calgary police confirm that officers are investigating after a robbery Monday in Montgomery at an underground parkade.

May 2021 • Dentist Kim Scott, who works at Bow River Dental, said that he was trying to organize his office so he placed some of his equipment in his vehicle in the parkade Monday afternoon.

When he went to his vehicle later that day he realized that someone managed to sneak into the locked parking garage and broke into several vehicles, his included.

What’s unfortunate is that the thief stole thousands of dollars of items that they likely can’t use.

“They took a bunch of dental supplies and instruments,” Scott said. “There’s no use for it whatsoever unless you want to start doing orthodontics and implants yourself.”

Scott placed the items in a toolbox while he was organizing, so he assumed that whoever took the box thought they were stealing home tools.

“I was doing my inventory initially and I thought my loss was like $75,000, maybe $100,000 and now I think it’s more.”

He said because the tools weren’t inside his office at the time of the theft, he doesn’t think they will be covered under insurance.

Scott’s daughter, Menah, said her father has been so stressed out because without the tools, he’s unable to help his patients and it could take weeks to replace them.

“He’s devastated,” Menah said. “We had to cancel patients 3 p.m. onward because he doesn’t have the equipment to do the treatment that’s needed.”

In addition to his items being stolen, she said there were plenty of other valuables taken by the thief.

“There were quite a few other vehicles that were broken into… house keys taken and addresses and so I know for about two days no one slept because they thought… is my house next?”

The family has offered a $5,000 reward if anyone produces information that leads to an arrest.

Fortunately, there was surveillance video and the Scotts remain hopeful the tools will be found.


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