It may be a fire, flood, theft, willful destruction or an unexpected car through your front window!

A bit of advance planning will go a long way to help reduce your stress when a disaster destroys or leaves your dental practice out of commission for days, weeks or even longer.

Make a list – be prepared

When disaster strikes, you’ll want to contact patients with scheduled appointments. If the disaster has destroyed or rendered your computers useless, how will you know who to call? This post shows “How to stay sane when your dental office computers are down”

You’ll also need to contact your staff and many others that you probably have not even thought about.

Don’t waste time searching for phone numbers and contacts, make a list in advance.

If your practice will be closed as a results the disaster, you may need another place to treat patients.

Create a dental practice disaster plan using this “Dental Practice Disaster and Emergency List” as a guide.

Download immediately using the link below