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Authors List


  • David Moffet

    Dr. David Moffet is the creator of The Ultimate Patient Experience™ – a simple, effective way to increase the number of patients you see, the amount you charge, and the percentage of large case revenues that your patients will happily pay.

  • Dental FraudBuster

    Dental FraudBuster gathers up stories for our "Embezzlers in the News" category, and is powered by Caffeine and Quantum Entanglement

  • Nina Bond

    With several years of management experience, I believe the key to success is building relationships in the process. This is why my success is based on being passionate about our clients and knowing that their experience is not only positive, but also memorable. My career has been dedicated to building and maintaining clientele by exceeding goals, delivering superior leadership, establishing rapport and building relationships with individuals at all levels within organizations. My goal is always to find ways to exceed expectations. And then put that effort into action.

  • Tasha Dickinson

    Tasha Dickinson is founder and chief technologist of Siligent. She earned her BA in computer science and applied math at Mount Holyoke College, her BE in mechanical engineering at Dartmouth College, and her MBA (with a concentration in supply chain and international business) at Northeastern University. She lives with her husband (an AACA member who graduated from Dartmouth and Tufts Dental School) and their three kids.

  • William Hiltz

    William Hiltz BSc MBA CET is the curator of Dental FraudBusters, and CEO of Hiltz and Associates. Since 2004, Hiltz & Associates has continued to earn the distinction as Dentistry’s leading Embezzlement Investigation and Digital Forensics firm. Exclusively for dentists, dental specialists, practice owners and dental attorneys. William can be reached at