A serial dental embezzler is someone who has embezzled from a previous office and is stealing or planning to steal in another office.

Fast facts about serial embezzlers:

  • they plan to steal from you the moment you meet them
  • they steal profusely
  • when they suspect “you are on to them” – they usually make one last theft and quit without warning
  • to conceal their crime, they will adulterate and destroy certain business records
  • they will ingratiate themselves into your life
  • they will try to compromise your ethics -> Read Joe’s Story

Here are a just a few of they many serial embezzlers I’ve encountered:

Avoid hiring a serial embezzler

All serial embezzlers have a checkered past; and they often lie or omit information on their application,

You can uncover a job applicant’s lies, omissions and other “red-flags” by conducting diligent pre-employment reference checks.

I’ve put together a free checklist you can use to conduct reference and background checks of job applicants.
Download it here.
William Hiltz

William Hiltz is the CEO of
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