AVON, Ind. — Police in Avon are searching for a thief targeting dental and medical offices. Investigators released a surveillance picture of the suspect inside Aldrich Pediatric Dentistry, and detectives believe the same suspect could be connected to similar crimes across county lines.

“Enough is enough,” said Brian Nugent, Deputy Chief of Investigations with Avon Police Department.

Surveillance video shows the suspect wandering the hallway and looking around the dental office. Police are sure the man knew exactly what he was after, employees’ credit and debit cards.

“It is pretty brazen in the sense of you’re walking into someone’s work area, they have a sense of security in those buildings and the truth is people walking in and out of those buildings are finding ways to compromise that,” said Nugent.

Footage shows the man leaving the office and within minutes employees were alerted that someone was using their cards.

“It’s infuriating. A lot of people have jobs. A lot of people are working to provide, and the sad reality is this is how some people chose to provide for themselves and their families,” said Nugent.

The theft at Aldrich Pediatric Dentistry happened a couple weeks ago and it was the most recent one. Nugent believes the thief has been making his rounds, targeting medical offices in Marion and Hendricks County.

“It seems like a pretty soft target at this point to get into business, maybe represent yourself as a would-be patient and try to make contact and see how far you can get inside that building itself,” said Nugent.

Police are investigating at least four theft reports at medical offices in Indianapolis and Avon. The suspect description matches up to the man caught on camera at Aldich.

Detectives think there could even be more incidents.

In some cases, employees reported to police the suspect even made small talk with them before he was somehow able to start sneaking around the office.

“So, we’re cautioning a lot of our local businesses to take whatever steps they can. Sometimes the biggest step you can take is simply being more aware that these things are happening,” said Nugent.

Police want this man off the streets before he strikes again. If you recognize the man in the surveillance picture or video, call Avon Police at 317-272-4485.

Source – Feb 4, 2020

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