Preventing, Detecting & Confronting Employee Theft

It’s a Fact. Dentistry is one of the most embezzled professions.

If you’ve been struggling with trying to be a dentist by day and an auditor by night, then you need this course because it will not only help you to reduce opportunities for embezzlement in your practice, it will also provide you with the knowledge and insight to effectively confront and uncover fraud in its early stage!

Module 1 – Introduction

Hi! I’m Bill Hiltz; founder of Hiltz & Associates and the creator of Dental FraudBusters!

Module 2 – Preventing Employee Theft

In this course you will learn you how to reduce your chances of being embezzled by 80% or more just by doing 10 simple things.

5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
  • Hiltz’s Axiom – how much can an embezzler steal and go unnoticed?
  • Easy to do “5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
  • What are the most common embezzlement schemes?
  • Lewin’s Equation – what this equation means, and why it is an important tool to identify dishonest behaviors.
  • How to understand and diagnose embezzlement Red Flags
  • plus much more!

Module 3 – Detecting Employee Theft


Module 4 – Managing Employee Theft


Module 5 – Bonus Materials


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Teacher: William Hiltz